Eligibility Verification

It is happening more and more all the time - you treat a patient only to learn that the patient's insurer won't cover the service. What should have been a simple claim submission has now turned into a collection matter. To keep this from happening again, you may even start asking staff members to manually pre-certify insurance for every patient encounter. Unfortunately, this expends your practice's resources and reduces profitability.

Instead of risking claim rejections or wasting resources, let Practice Provider help you verify patient eligibility before services are provided. Benefits of our eligibility verification solutions include:

Accurate Verification of Patient Eligibility

Policies vary considerably with regard to the treatments they cover. Ensure that your patients are eligible for scheduled services.

Up-to-Date Coverage Information

Patients change insurance policies and/or insurance companies frequently. Thus, the insurance information you have on file may indicate valid dates even when the policy is no longer in effect. Ensure that your patient’s policy is still active before you provide treatment.

Real-time Benefit Analysis

Benefit caps and plan policies can lead to denials for procedures that were once paid. With Practice Provider, you can access policy information for both commercial and government payers in real-time to ensure that services will be covered.

Efficient Reimbursement

Eligibility verification reduces your risk of lost revenue due to lack of coverage. Get the correct payment from the insurance company with the first billing.

Accurate Upfront Payments

Because you know whether your patients' insurance policies include deductibles and/or copayments, you can collect the appropriate amount before patient appointments.

Reduced Workload

Practice Provider's eligibility verification solutions integrate seamlessly into your practice management system so that verification becomes a part of your normal workflow prior to patient treatment. In addition, our solutions are automated, which means that you won't need to make any phone calls or spend time logging into multiple websites.

With eligibility verification solutions from Practice Provider, you can provide treatment with confidence. Contact us today to learn more.

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